Trauma Care Part 1

With a desire to see trauma care across South Africa, this training is for those who care and want to learn how to make trauma safe environments. The training is for 8 hours and includes a follow up meeting to discuss the effects of trauma, neuroplasticity, and relationship through the lens of trauma. The White Orange Journey will work with you to meet the needs of your organisation. Cost R150pp + petrol. Email:

Trauma Care Part 2

After going through part one, so many participants want to know- what now? This is the next step in trauma care. Going further into information, tools, and spiritual practices to develop trauma safe environments in homes, businesses, churches, and schools and should come after part one. This training is 8 hrs. Enquire for cost.


How do we stop making decisions in fear? We live into our values. These are the beliefs and longings of our soul. This workshop uses creativity and fun to discover and define personal values. This training is 4hrs. Enquire for cost.

Sexual Health

Sexual trauma is huge concern in South Africa. The first step in fighting this is information. This training delves into the awkward and the real and there is no question that is off limits. It is built on the explanations of body parts, how to make value and faith based decisions, and the three rules for good sex. With the principals of enthusiastic continual consent, protection and contraception, and partner communication, this workshop removes the taboo for teens and young adults so they can make healthy and value driven decisions. Enquire for costs.

Self Care for Teens

As teens are becoming adults they must learn how to care for themselves in new ways. This workshop takes teens through explanations of their brain, body, biology, belief system, and behaviours. This is a workshop that prevents trauma as teens learn how to care for themselves and others through self-control, self-care, and connection. Enquire for costs.

Conflict without Trauma

Conflict and fighting break families, churches, and organisations. This workshop is for the leadership down to define how you will work to make structure for healthy conflict in your environment. Working through conflict makes us closer and brings creativity. Enquire for costs.