Who we are

With a desire to see children grow and a love for kids from hard places, Autumn is the director and co-facilitator of the White Orange Journey. Autumn is working on her masters in Family and Marriage Therapy at Regent University in the US. She has studied trauma care in the States under Empowered to Connect program and desires for others to understand both how trauma works and to use that information to create trauma safe environments. She is originally from Texas, USA and loves reading and spending time with her husband.

Venesch has always had a heart for pastoral care, and with the understanding of how trauma effects all areas, including the spiritual life, he works for the White Orange Journey as operations manager and co-facilitator. He has experienced life in South Africa, having grown up in a poor community in Ceres, South Africa and has a passion for creating healing spaces for growth, especially within the church. He is always up for a good theological debate or a hike.