The White Orange Journey

Creating healing communities to learn to walk in justice by journeying together in the Gospel of Jesus.

Welcome to The White Orange Journey

South Africa’s historical and cultural contexts have often been the subject of study and conversations on gang violence, drug abuse, broken families, racism and other forms of oppression. Now, South Africa wants to grow- to engage in hard conversations, to do better, and to use the abundace of the country for economic growth. However, the pains of the past are keeping most of the country tied in cycles of pain. In a world where money needs to be made, bills need to paid, and oppression is now illegal, the effects of trauma can be overlooked even as they prevent communities and individuals from higher education, healthy family growth, and productive jobs. However, when the effects trauma are understood, places of work, learning, and worship can become environments where a whole person is engaged. The White Orange Journey seeks to be sojourners with these organisations, churches, schools, and business by teaching the effects of trauma, how to be in relationships with people who have experienced trauma, and helping to implement values that promote justice, health, growth, and creativity. By doing this we not only bring hope and dignity, but also bring up contributing members to communities, schools, and businesses.


We do this work on the ground by partnering with organizations in South Africa. We facilitate trainings, provide consultations, work with families to recognize the effects of trauma. Traumatice events effect the whole person, what we call the 5Bs: the brain, biology, body, beliefs, and behaviour. After we assess the spiritual, physical, mental, relational, and the emotional health, we work with the person to create healthy coping skills and direction on the healing journey.

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